Preventive Care

Health first for you and your family!

Health promotion and disease prevention are the basic principles of family medicine. Dr. English and her team of professionals at Beach Family Medical know that choosing the right doctor is one of the most important decisions you make about your health care.

A healthcare team you can truly trust.

You want a health care team you can trust; one with whom you can communicate comfortably; a team that knows you and is eager to partner with you to help you achieve your highest level of health and vitality.

We welcome patients of all ages; so, you and your family can make Beach Family Medical your first stop on your path to good health! Through comprehensive routine medical check-ups and ongoing health-centered education, we offer each patient evidence-based recommendations about clinical preventive services such as screenings, counseling and preventive medications. Early stage detection of illness, disease and other health problems is fundamental for the likelihood of better treatment outcomes.

Get started on your path to wellness!

Once you make an appointment for your first Wellness Visit, we will begin planning for routine testing, all of which can be done in office. Please plan to fast for 8 hours or more before having your blood drawn for your annual check-up, except for water, black coffee and prescribed medications.

Once you make your appointment, a web portal will be created for you where you can begin filling out your pre-appointment paperwork. Alternatively, you may come to the office a few minutes early for assistance from staff. This will include your medical history and a current list of medications and supplements you are taking along with other pertinent information we must have prior to your assessment. Please plan to bring your medications with you to your first appointment to ensure accuracy in your records.

Once you are in the exam room, your vital signs are recorded and Dr. English asks pertinent questions regarding your personal health and medical history. Dr. English completes a physical exam, visits with you to learn about any concerns or ailments, reviews your lab testing and discusses your health care goals. You and Dr English then create a sensible Personalized Health Plan that may include recommendations for nutrition and exercise plus any preventive services that pertain specifically to you like:

  • Cancer screenings that may include mammograms or colonoscopies
  • Counseling on such topics as smoking cessation, diet and nutrition, weight loss, depression, alcohol, drug use and more
  • Age-appropriate immunizations for adults and children (measles, mumps, hepatitis, tetanus, etc.)
  • Appropriate vaccinations that may include flu and pneumonia shots, etc.

Upon check-out, make any necessary follow-up appointments that you and Dr. English may have discussed, AND, although a year seems a long time out, go ahead and make an appointment for your next Annual Wellness Visit!


Beach Family Medical accepts payment by major credit or debit card, American Express, MasterCard or VISA, at the time of service. Personal check and cash are also accepted.


Beach Family Medical accepts a range of well-known insurance carriers and referral options. Please check with our Office Manager prior to making an appointment to be certain of your particular insurance carrier status at Beach Family Medical. If you do not see your insurance plan listed below, please check with us and your carrier for out-of-network benefits.

Current insurance plans accepted in-network:
Aetna, CIGNA, Emblem Health, Empire BCBS, Magnacare, Medicare, Railroad Medicare, Oxford, United Healthcare

Some services offered may not be covered due to variations in individual insurance plans, such as medical acupuncture. Please call or stop by our office to discuss your options further.