Beach Family Medical is dedicated to personalizing your health care in an increasingly complex health care system. Focusing on the traditional family medicine model of care, we serve as your first contact for health concerns, helping you navigate the health care system, including coordination with outside specialists and hospital care, when needed. We carefully blend current data and technology, enhancing access and continuity of care. 

Beach Family Medical delivers acute, chronic and preventive care for patients regardless of religion, race, sex, age or health condition, building and sustaining enduring and trusting relationships with you and your family. We make it our priority to provide top quality care in the context of the individual, family and community, helping patients to identify and take advantage of community resources for continuing health and well being. We live and work in this community and believe that our individual health is tied to that of the community health which surrounds us. With that philosophy, we are engaged in and open to outreach in our City by the Sea and are active members of this community. 

The ongoing success of our medical team of professionally based treatment programs to improve and sustain your quality of life lies in treating you holistically, using a comprehensive mind body approach to access your unique and individual happiness from the inside out.

Our integrative therapies offer a powerful combination of natural healing tools that include acupuncture and behavioral health therapies, with an emphasis on good nutrition. Beach Family Medical provides you and your family with trained medical professionals who are proud to share their skills and knowledge in a safe and comfortable environment designed especially for you. 


Note: In order to focus on patient care and allow our doctors to stay independent, we now charge an annual fee to cover these non-reimbursable administrative tasks and services.  This is above and beyond your customary insurance payment for services rendered. Click Here to learn more about this new fee.